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Castello di Bianello

On the first hills of the Reggio Apennines, a natural balcony of the plain where you can see the Alps in the clear days, the Middle Ages has left, still perfectly integrated with modern life and its comforts, the vestiges of a glorious and fascinating past.

Quattro Castella, still considered in our days a privileged holiday resort for its natural features and for its proximity to Reggio Emilia, is home to four hills whose names, from east to west, are Monte Vetro, Bianello, Monte Lucio and Monte Zane, on which are just as many castles of which only that of Bianello has been preserved intact in its structure of splendid historical residence.

On the hill of Bianello perhaps already from the first half of the tenth century there was a sighting tower some sort of defensive preparation but certain news of its existence we possess only from the year 1044. Its history is however closely linked to the events of the castle of Canossa and above all to the events that had as its protagonist the Countess Matilde di Canossa who hosted the emperors Enrico IV and Enrico V.


Via Bianello, 8 Quattro Castella (Reggio Emilia)