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Museo di Santa Giulia

The Museum of Santa Giulia is the main museum of Brescia, located along the ancient decumanus maxim of the Roman Brixia. It is housed inside the monastery of Santa Giulia, built by King Desiderio in the Lombard period and variously expanded and modified in more than a thousand years of history.

The area below the Museum is rich in archaeological finds from various periods, most of which belong to the Roman period and are well preserved, in particular the Domus dell'Ortaglia. All the structures of the ancient monastery are part of the museum, including the church of Santa Maria in Solario, the choir of the nuns and the church of Santa Giulia.

In the museum are preserved thousands of objects and works of art ranging from the Bronze Age to the nineteenth century coming mainly from the city context and the province of Brescia, which make it a real city museum, whose topics of study focus mainly on the history of the city of Brescia and its territory. Among the numerous works of art we mention especially the Vittoria Alata, the Croce di Desiderio, the Lipsanoteca and the "Collectibles and Applied Arts" sector, where all the private collections donated to the museum between the eighteenth and seventeenth centuries are kept.


Via dei Musei, 81/b Brescia (Brescia)