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Teatro comunale di Lonigo

The municipal theater of Lonigo is a theater designed by the engineer Giovanni Carraro between 1885 and 1891. It was named after Giuseppe Verdi and on the evening of the inauguration, on October 23, 1892, the opera "Un ballo in maschera" was performed of Verdi himself. In 1977 the theater was closed for restoration work that began in 1982. It was reopened to the public on October 22, 1993, with a lyric concert by the famous baritone Renato Bruson, accompanied by the symphonic orchestra of Emilia-Romagna "Arturo Toscanini" and from the choir of Parma.

The first theater that was born in the city of Lonigo was the Concordi theater, built in 1794 and owned by the Società dei Concordi. It had three orders of 15 boxes each, and was one of the smallest theaters in the Veneto.
Between 1885 and 1891, Giovanni Carraro laid out a project for the new Lonigo theater. The new theater was built in Piazza Nicolò Leoniceno and was inaugurated on October 23, 1892. It could host up to 970 spectators; it consisted of two tiers of boxes, two front galleries, the gallery divided into three sectors and the parterre comprising armchairs and small armchairs. The pictorial decoration is the work of the Venetian painter Giuseppe Dolcetta, while the lighting of the foyer and the hall is attributed to the glass masters of Murano. Among the most famous orchestra conductors of the 800 who directed at the Teatro di Lonigo, there is the Maestro Antonino Palminteri, present on the podium of the Municipal in March 1908, bringing on stage the Opera: Manon Lescaut by Giacomo Puccini. The results of the performances were excellent and highly appreciated. The lyrical seasons that follow one another as protagonists of the most important works of the opera scene between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Some of the most famous Italian singers studied the scenes of the Comunale.

The theater, due to the obvious signs of decadence, was closed in 1977. The restoration began in 1981 under the direction of engineer Vincenzo Stupazzoni. The modern façade was instead realized on the architect Regagioli's project. The theater was reopened on 22 October 1993 and is still active, especially for the prose and ballet season.

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