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Teatro comunale di Vicenza

The municipal theater Città di Vicenza is a modern theater structure, designed by the architect Gino Valle, inaugurated in 2007; the theater offers artistic seasons of dance, prose, symphonic and chamber music.
The theater has two rooms, the largest with 910 seats and the reduced one with 380. The armchairs are red and the whole floor is made of wood. The interior lining is black and is punctuated by suspended acoustic panels that convey the sound from the stage to the audience. The joints between the panels hide an indirect led lighting with light cuts that articulate walls and ceiling.
The stage of the hall is equipped with numerous stage systems that favor different outfits including: a translating and rotating platform, the piano of the stage divided into four sectors that can be repositioned at different levels and the orchestra pit with also a multi-level mobile part.
Externally it is foreseen by an alternation of red bricks and inserts in white stone, which appear as prospective medieval walls, but also the colors of the city.

In 2001 the municipality with the Mayor Enrico Hullweck decided to finance the costs with the sale of the Vicenza milk plant, for 26 million euros. The architect Valle was asked to elaborate the project, which was finally approved by the City Council. The tender was won by the Florentine company Co.Gi. owned by Giuseppe Coccimiglio. The company began work in January 2002. The company is ready for November 9, 2007, in advance of a month and a half.

Source: Wikipedia


Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 39 Vicenza (Vicenza)

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