Pavoniere Golf & Country Club

A nineteenth century villa in one of Leopoldo dei Medici’s estates, carefully restored and with services added, the passion of a number of players wishing to create their own course, that’s how we started twenty years ago. Today, to enrich and beautify the surroundings we have planted 1800 new trees of native species and created banks of flowers around the water obstacles, greens and tees.
That way when you play you’ll really feel you’re in a natural paradise.

Golfing in Florence

Imagine a strip of Tuscany rich of history, flavors and typical tastes, where the hills are embroidered with lines of vines and studded with small hamlets of Medieval origins. Picture yourself in the countryside that surrounds the city of Florence, one of the more beautiful town in the world, famous for its history, monuments, the magnificent dome, for typical restaurants in the historical center. Open your eyes: welcome in Tuscany, the “many souls” region, the ideal place for golfers who are looking for the finest golf course in Italy and dreamy locations. This is the aim of this partnership: create a bunch of tailor made choices for our guests and make a golf match becoming a chance to satisfy all your senses, relax yourself, taste typical dishes, have a toast with excellent wines, discover the most beautiful cities of art in middle Italy, enjoy the breathtaking panoramas. A network that allow you to experience the uncontaminated Tuscany that kept the charm and the rhythms of the past, without forgoing the pleasure of playing in professional golf courses selected every years for renown international championships, for an exciting game for all levels and players.


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